“First Love”

(Originally posted 31 May 2020)

Good Sunday morning. There’s a lot on my heart today, and I want to share it, but I think I’m going to “edit myself” this time. So, here is a little tidbit for you to consider.

When Jesus was arrested, He was treated as unfairly as we can imagine. He was not afforded rights. He was detained on no viable charge. He was beaten and mistreated even after being found innocent, and then sentenced for no crime. He had no lawyer or advocate – in fact, his only friends ran away. He had every “right” to demand His freedom. But He didn’t want His rights, because He knew they were ultimately worth nothing. He took them to the cross with Him and showed us that the REAL Kingdom isn’t based on what we deserve, but what we are given through grace.

We can be a member of the Kingdom anywhere we are, anywhere we live, whether we have money or we are poor, whether we can worship freely or whether we can’t, whether we have physical comfort or we don’t, whether we are treated fairly or we are not, whether we can speak freely or whether we can’t, whether we have freedom or whether we don’t. Those things are wonderful, but they are not ours. Every breath we take and every moment we live is a privilege. We can choose to spend those moments chasing after the wind, or we can spend them in the security of knowing that our home is elsewhere.

Believers, don’t lose your “first love.” Don’t take the promises of God for granted. When we do, we become cold, bitter, and always searching for something else to make us feel better. This world has nothing that can do that – not “rights”, not “fairness”, nothing. It’s only found in Christ.

Have a great day.

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