Thoughts on Faith


Yesterday, I wrote about Jesus’ prayer in the garden just before His arrest. I focused on the sorrow that he felt and His courageous confrontation of it, even asking God to remove a responsibility that Jesus knew could not be removed. But this morning, I was struck by something else, a lesson I’ve needed to

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The “Garden Moment”

This was placed on my heart today. I hope it speaks to those who need it. Jesus spent most of his recorded life appearing strong, steadfast, and unbreakable. At least that is how the gospel stories make Him look, and with good reason. He did many wonderful things in His ministry and faced vicious opposition.

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“Why Don’t They Get It?”

As the pandemic continues to grow in India and East Asia, scientists and other across social media are dumbstruck about it. They can’t understand how the Indian government didn’t see this coming. They can’t figure out how a modern nation wouldn’t take necessary steps to advance its public health and guard against the virus. They

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facing our fragility

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the meaning of the phrase “all the time in the world” changes. When we are young, we mean that there is (most likely) still so much life ahead of us. The accomplishments and opportunities are numerous and exciting. But each year, and very gradually, those opportunities disappear. The

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I’m a professor of Psychology and Director of Assessment at Angelo State University, and Affiliate Professor of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy at the University of Florida. I’m active in my home church, both teaching and mentoring.

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