Books by K.L. Schell

Below you will find links to my books on faith. I hope you will check them out.

Be As A Child

Christ often used children as examples for believers. He told Nicodemus that unless one is “born again” they cannot see the Kingdom (John 3:3). But what is it about children that makes them a model for the Christian life? Through psychological science, we have learned much about the way children perceive, think, and act from the moment they are born and throughout their childhood. If we apply this knowledge to the theology that Christ brought during His ministry, it becomes clear why the child is the model for faith. In this book, we will see through the child’s eyes and hopefully recapture the wonder we all felt when we first believed. We will walk through childhood together, learning not only about the psychology of children but also insights about our faith, our spiritual growth, the role of the Church, and other important topics.

I Don’t Understand What I’m Doing

When Paul wrote in Romans 7 about how he did what he did not want to do and did not do what he wanted to do, what was he really saying? In this book, we will take a look at how the modern psychological science of motivation can help us understand what he meant and how we can apply his thoughts to our daily lives as believers. In the context of ten practical “rules” we will think deeply about what motivates us as humans and what that means for us as we strive to be like Christ. If you have ever experienced that moment when you have done something that you cannot believe that you did, you will find this book helpful.